Proposed Re-gather of KMG Philadelphia,

We are working with Stan Garfield and SIKM Leaders network to guide this process. We propose a Friday morning meeting, at the old hours (7:45 to 9:45) for an agenda development meeting. The idea would be to keep that Friday (4th Friday, which would be 9/27) and continue with it. At present the two of us who are guiding this (Seth Horwitz and Joe Raimondo) work in Center City, so we want to meet downtown. For now. The timing and agenda are totally plastic.


6 thoughts on “Proposed Re-gather of KMG Philadelphia,

  1. Being a second generation KMGer (starting in 2000 or 2001), it’s a joy to see the group possibly re-forming. My work commitments still make it difficult for me to participate, but I hope to be able to be involved in some fashion!

    • Good to see you JC.

      I agree on work commitments which is why I hope virtual participation will be possible. It would be cool to experiment with some meetings using

      Be well

  2. This is great news. I’m in. I will greatly appreciate it if we can use remote videoconferencing and even 3D immersive environ tools to make access to these meetings more convenient.

  3. I, too, have work commitments that make a breakfast meeting difficult. However, I’d be happy to support this effort in some capacity. Virtual meetings would also interest me.

  4. We have a very open-ended agenda. There are many options for how we set this up. We would like to do an in-person meeting, for sure, to get that element flowing. We could also plan for a more formal speaker-realted series that would drive doing some kind of online and/or virtual session.

  5. Hi, I’m interested in participating in person if possible. I’m flying to Ohio tomorrow to be with my elderly Mom who is not doing well so my immediate availability is uncertain, however.

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